Meet our Water Warrior of the Week - Alexa Jesse Goldberg


Meet Alexa! You may recognize her, since she’s been featured on the homepage of SMITH & STARR for quite some time. We call Alexa our “creative water goddess” because she’s a talented musician, a gifted writer (currently writing two books!) and a true activist for sustainable living, plus she has goddess hair. She’s introduced us to our favorite reusable straws, will perform next on 11/10 at PianoFight in SF and just wrote about how to invest with intention. She’s pretty magical. Learn more about her in our Q&A below.

What do you do? I’m a musician, activist and holistic wellness coach @GypsyUniverse

What makes your soul scream YES? Performing on stage! Nothing terrifies or exhilarates my soul more than getting in front of an audience and baring my soul.

What song pull you onto the dance floor? Chet Faker & Marcus Marr, The Trouble With Us

What do you do every day to make yourself happier and healthier? I meditate first thing in the morning and also constantly journaling. I also try to do some sort of movement each and every day!

Tell us about your favorite trip. That is a tough one, but...two years ago I traveled solo to Nicaragua and Guatemala. In Guatemala, I stayed on a permaculture farm in the mountains (The Yoga Forest) overlooking the stunning Lake Atitlan. For one week I participated in a Shamanic Healing Retreat that changed my life! I returned home and three days later met my soul mate :)  

Tell us about a strong female in your life. My best friend Jess! She is another badass boss lady who started a business a few years ago that is THRIVING. I am so freaking proud of her and her journey inspires me daily. You can check out her website at

What inspires you? People breaking away from the norm and finding success and happiness. My own wins, my amazingly supportive partner and his unique perspectives on sustainability and economics. I love learning from other people who think outside the box. I watch webinars and listen to podcasts daily.

What scares you? Eek, on a material level, the thought of having to go back to a 9-5 job working for someone else! I can't do it. On a deeper level, I am terrified of dying young, or losing those that I love. Life is too short and we never know how long we have. It's hard to keep those fears in mind and not let them lead.

How can this community help you? This community proves that we can be successful in following our dreams, and that supporting each other, not competing with each other, is the way for us all to experience the success we deserve!