Meet our Water Warrior of the Week + #wcw Kait Fund

Meet Kait! She works in public relations and is a member of the “bag lady clan.” Kait is originally from Santa Cruz, but having lived in New York City for the past six years, she has mastered the balance between “doing” and “chilling” better than anyone we know. She knows how to create calmness in the city that never sleeps and commit to the things in life that fuel her, like running marathons, cooking and volunteering for Delta Gamma. Learn more about how Kait became a marathoner, her dream dinner with Amal Clooney and her recent trip to a fairytale-like castle in France.

What do you do? I work for a very small, but very mighty Public Relations agency called Confidant, where we work on consumer tech brands.  

What makes your soul scream YES? Making spaghetti dinner on a Friday night with my husband and my dog, Hobie, and then watching Harry Potter. (Sidenote: Follow Kait’s dog Hobie on Instagram, you won’t regret it).

What song pull you onto the dance floor? Oh that's easy - Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (better yet, the Harry Potter version) and Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.  

What do you do every day to make yourself happier and healthier? I used to hate working out, but I started running in 2013 on a whim when I decided to run the NYC Marathon. Today, a day doesn't go by that I don't try to get some sort of exercise, even it's just taking the dog for a walk. Good for the heart, good for the soul. This summer I picked up a pen and paper for the first time in a while and started making an effort to maintain a journal on a somewhat daily basis. Journaling was a big part of my life growing up but it fell off during college and adulthood. I've recently been reminded of the benefits. Facebook statuses and Instagram posts don't hold a candle to being alone with your own thoughts in a truly safe space.

If you could have dinner with three women (dead or alive), who would they be and why? Amal Clooney, because she did the impossible - convince George Clooney to get married and have kids. My mom, because I'll take any chance to have dinner with her. My grandma, Monner, because she's the craziest Mexican grandma I've ever had.

Tell us about your favorite trip. This summer I went to France with my mom and aunt. We stayed at the most incredible 18th-century chateau in the Ariege region called Chateau de Gudanes. An Australian family bought the chateau a few years ago and have been restoring it ever since. Imagine the castle in Beauty and the Beast - that's what this place is like. You get around at night by candlelight! We went for a week-long cooking class but we left with so much more than that.  

What inspires you? Looking around at my girlfriends and witnessing the incredible things they're doing with their lives - starting companies, managing million dollar budgets, caring for the sick or underserved, teaching the next generation of leaders. I recently left a job that I'd been at for six years, and I was scared, but seeing what others have done encouraged me to take the leap.

On a less tangential note, I'm inspired by the future. Machine learning, e-commerce, robots...I mean, if that doesn't inspire you do something then I don't know what does!

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