Our experience pitching The Conway on theSkimm’s "Get Off The Couch" business competition

To spread the word about The Conway, we pitched our business to theSkimm’s co-founders on their new Shark Tank inspired Facebook series, "Get Off The Couch."

After seeing a random Facebook post, we applied to the competition in May, went through a couple rounds of interviews and found out in June that we’d be contestants for their July shoot in LA. Luckily, we were already going to LA for Renegade Craft Fair, so we knew it was meant to be!

Here are some fun nuggets about our experience:

  • We moved two couches that day! We were staying at Chelsea’s parents and after listening to us rehearse several times, they asked us to help move their couch to the garage. (Practice makes perfect!)  
  • We filmed on a real studio set (made to look like NYC building).
  • We didn’t know that Carly and Danielle were going to be in the elevator. We were told that we would be looking into a screen and Carly and Danielle would appear “later in the episode.” (We knew something was up!)
  • We sold The Conway to one of the makeup artists on set.
  • We met some amazing fellow female entrepreneurs that we still keep in touch with. Check out Black Tie Kids, HappyCouplesBot, Giv-Now, Girls & Co and Milx Mom.   
  • Spoiler: We won the pitch and received some awesome prizes!
    • A couch from Interior Define
    • A trip to NYC to visit theSkimm HQ
    • A year mentorship with Carly, Danielle and other Skimm HQers (priceless!)

It was such a great experience that we’ll never forget. The Conway continues to take us to places we could have never imagined and we’re so grateful that we have such a supportive network to cheer us on through this journey.

Live hydrated,

Fallyn & Chelsea