Water Warrior of the Week + #wcw Jessie Sunday


Meet Jessie! Jessie has an infectious laugh, huge smile and has that “quick wit” we all dream of. We first met Jessie through our time as guides / “adult babysitters” for LivingSocial Adventures. Jessie was part of the Philly team, but word of her boundless energy and contagious laugh spread. The rumors didn’t lie. She’s a force of fun, creativity, and laughter. Now 6 years later, Jessie has been one of the biggest supporters for SMITH & STARR, from attending early focus groups to being a part our Kickstarter video to working fairs with us, we’re forever grateful for her support and excited for you all to get to know of this true gem of a lady.  

What inspires you? I am inspired by people who take a leap; jump into the unknown and through their own confidence and manifestation create things that are amazing. It is scary to put yourself out there and stick to your dream because it is unconventional. Most people don't do it, they don't get it, there are lots of naysayers.  I love when someone has a vision and sticks to it to bring it to fruition.

Tell us about your #wcw: Sounds cliche but my mom, Laura Sunday, is an absolute badass in my life.  She started her own music label and studio in her '20s.  She lived in a tiny cabin with no power in the mountains of Denver.  She raised two Sunday children, which is a triumph in itself.  She currently teaches dance (her own choreography) and a muscle, powerhouse class in Petaluma. And she has been roller-dancing for 20+ years, you can check her out every Sunday in Golden Gate Park!  Just look for her blue roller skates ;)  She's my hero and I like to say I am just a little version of her.

What song pulls you on the dance floor? Raspberry Beret by Prince! Strut it ladies.

How can this community of women help you? By supporting the ideas, however far out there, of each other. Talk through ideas with people, let them ideate with you.  Brainstorm.  Let crazy ideas be exciting!  We had the crazy notion of registering for our VW camper van for our wedding.  Some people rolled their eyes, but the people who understood us said "yes! I can't wait for that to happen!"  And then it did! That support is everything.

How do you keep your life hydrated? I live for positivity and that thirst for life. Thank goodness I have my Conway to quench it ;) mic drop.