SMITH & STARR Turns 1!

 One year – it’s been one year since we asked our family, friends, friends of friends and complete and total strangers through Kickstarter if this idea of a “hydration handbag” was something we should actually bring into the world.

You chose YES.

And allowed us to keep saying YES.

However, saying YES hasn’t been easy. The journey of turning our dream into a reality has been just that, a journey. Behind the smiles on our Insta feed there have been a number of highs and lows, questions of “how the hell do we figure out customs, business taxes or getting someone to answer our emails” and certainly some real moments of self-doubt, but what’s kept us going and will always keep us going is YOU, our customers of The Conway.

You’ve taken The Conway all over the world from Peru to Iceland to Australia, gifted it to your best friend, your wife and your daughter and shared it with your kids, nieces and significant other; You’ve told us how we can improve and what you’d like next from us (and please continue to do so). You’ve generously offered to help in countless ways including sharing your skills, time, and expertise as well as your model looks ;) 

From being called out as “The Bag Lady” in a bar  to receiving texts of sightings of The Conway on the subway to the double-takes of total strangers at fairs responding to our demos with disbelief for such a novel and unique idea , you’ve helped us keep going and simply put  --- you made our dream.

All we ever hoped was to create this product and see it out in the wild. And you’ve made that happen.  

There’s still much more to the journey and much more we’re dreaming up, but we are incredibly grateful for this year and even more grateful for you.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please continue to reach out to tell us what you want, how we can improve & just to share tales of your life with The Conway (just like in this video… enjoy!).

Live hydrated,

Fallyn & Chelsea