The Conway - Classic Black

$ 42.00 $ 85.00

The Conway - hydration handbag
The Conway - hydration handbag The Conway - hydration handbag The Conway - Classic Black The Conway - hydration purse The Conway Classic Black Camelback Purse The Conway - hydration handbag - camel purse

$ 42.00 $ 85.00

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Just unzip and sip!

The Conway is the first-ever hydration bag that contains a removable water bottle for easy hydration right from the shoulder strap. The strap is adjustable to fit you perfectly.

The custom water pouch is BPA-free and designed by Platypus holds 17oz. of liquid and comes with the purchase of The Conway. There’s a main pocket for all your belongings and an additional inner pocket for smaller items. The water pouch is stored separately in the front pocket. 

The Conway - hydration handbag


  • 10“H X 9“W X 1“D
  • 18” to 29 ½ ” adjustable strap


  • Body: Vegan leather
  • Main Pocket Lining: 100% Cotton
  • Front Pocket Lining: 100% Polyester 


  • The Conway - Patent D839,596
  • 17 oz. BPA-, BPS-, and Phthalate-Free Water Pouch by Platypus
  • Custom-fit BPA-, BPS-, and Phthalate-Free Tube by Platypus

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