Our Story

Chelsea Starr Alexander and Fallyn Smith
Co-founders Chelsea Starr Alexander & Fallyn Smith


Based in San Francisco, SMITH & STARR is a lifestyle brand that brings fashion, wellness, and community together. Our mission is to provide fashionable and functional products to the world by focusing on the number one life essential - water, or as we like to say, wearable water™. We created The Conway™ because staying hydrated should be ridiculously easy.  From clunky water bottles that we’re always losing to plastic water bottles that destroy both the environment and our wallets, there was no solution to our liking. The Conway was created for YOU because water is a life essential and carrying it should be as easy as reaching for your phone. At SMITH STARR, we truly believe The Conway will change your life, keep you healthy, save the environment, spare your wallet and allow you to live every day to the fullest.



Every idea starts with a problem. Ours came in January of 2015 when Fallyn took to Facebook to air her frustration about always looking like she was going on a hike just to stay hydrated. Chelsea not only liked the post, but told Fallyn that they should team up to create the solution. The two met for coffee the next day and the idea for The Conway was born.
The Conway Handbag Original Design
An early sketch of The Conway circa June 2015
Dora He The Conway Factory Lead
Dora He, SMITH & STARR’s Factory Lead


For the next year and a half, the two set off to design an everyday handbag that’s fashionable, functional and keeps you hydrated. Fallyn and Chelsea consulted with hundreds of designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs to produce The Conway with quality materials at an affordable price and bring the idea of hands-free hydration to everyday life. SMITH & STARR launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first line of production in September 2016 raising more than $30,000 and generating press on Mental Floss, ClassPass, Bustle and others.